do you face amazon payments issue with a seller account

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Do you Face Amazon Payments Issue With A Seller Account?

Are you using Amazon Payments? As an e-commerce player, it allows you to enable your customers to use the service. There is the best thing about Amazon payments. But, customers can encounter some issues. In such a situation, they can contact Amazon 24/7 hour customer service.

However, Amazon Payments helps your customers to make transactions using their Amazon account.  Most notably, the customers never have their payment details recorded on your server.

As the user hits the Pay with Amazon button it will either remind them to log into Amazon.  Or, if they're already signed in it will give them all the payment options. Which Amazon account offers to them?

They can get access to their credit cards and shipping addresses. Once, the buyer presses the final buy button. The sale will take place on Amazon servers without the end user ever leaving your own site. To be an Amazon seller, you get a few things from Amazon.

  • You have a set of keys.
  • Put them into your EDD settings.
  • Go ahead and win.

However, you have to do the required testing by creating the test user on Amazon. The test is done in a potentially unstable test environment. And, you can do this without using live personal data.

Regardless of that the common setup for Amazon payments is not easy. In case of an error, you get a message but it could not sufficient to get hold of a resolution.

Does Amazon have 24-hour customer service?

You can contact dedicated customer service to register your issue without any hassle. Moreover, you can describe the issue over the phone. Besides, you can choose to:

  1. Call 1800 3000 9009 and access an automatic voice message system
  2. You can get chat to’s live customer service representative
  3. You may have to wait for some time to get someone to talk to you.

Let’s have a look over the issues that could be possible causes.

·        Sender access denied

It appears when you try to submit a purchase.

·        Payments message appears, but no money transfers

The customer has Third Party Cookies access and they have turned it off in their browser.

·        Invalid Credit Card Information

Your seller's account works only if you have a valid credit card. In case you do not provide the same, your Amazon account will intimate for the same.

·        Taxpayer Identification Information

If you want to sell over Amazon, the e-commerce platform asks for Tax information.  Once provided, everything will work smoothly. Without it, you cannot all the procedures for the account and get a message.

·        Invalid Client ID

You can get an error message in case you enter the invalid Id. However, it can be the issue for two things such as SSL issues.

SSL is a mandatory requirement to get the Amazon payment to work for you.

However, in case you miss it. You can get a variety of SSL-related issues that could give this same error message.  Let’s have a look at them:

  • Check for your browser, is it running in SSL mode?
  • Ensure you have "Enforce SSL on Checkout" turned on in the EDD Settings. Go to Downloads → Settings → Misc and you should see something like this:

In conclusion

In case you have not been able to resolve the issue. You can contact amazon 24/7 hour customer service.  You can get your complaints registered over there.

Once they find a fix to your solution, someone from Amazon contacts you.


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