how to use referral code on cash app a detailed guide!

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How To Use Referral Code On Cash App? A Detailed Guide!

New on the cash app? Well, that’s an opportunity to get a bonus if you use a referral code while creating your account on the cash app. Cash App offers a legitimate Cash app referral code facility to get a reward by sending $5 after creating an account using the Referral code. To know more in detail, take help from the guide on How to use referral code on the cash app?

The cash app has the facility to let you earn a few bucks using its referral code method. With this, an already user sends a reference code which a new user uses while signing up. This way, both the receiver and the sender of the reward code get benefitted within 14 days of sending the code.

Where is the referral code on cash app?

Finding a referral code is too much easy. It is just that you open your cash app, visit the Activity’ section of it and tap Invite Friends. You will see your seven-digit referral code with both letters and digits at the end of the referral link.

Then after, you choose the person with whom you want to share it. You can also put their $Cashtag to be found easily.

Once the code is sent and used for signing-up purposes, it will take 14 days for both the party to receive the reward of $5.

How to use referral code on cash app?

Using a referral code is not a puzzling task for setting up of cash app account. In this, you receive a code referred by either your friend or family member, which you will use to create your own account and enter the referral code in the Referral code area.

Also, here’s something that is necessary for the context of earning a bonus with a referral code:

  • Use the Reward code within 14 days of it being received to create your account
  • After you used the code, make sure to make a transaction of $5 at least within 14 days
  • Once it is done, both will get bonuses in a lump sum or in chunks.

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How to enter/put referral code on cash app?

A lot of doubts regarding entering the referral code have been received. It is essential to know the process of putting the code in a good manner to get the reward bonus. So, we’ll let you know how you can enter the code once you received it.

The five basic steps are there to enter the Referral code on the cash app.

  • Install the Cash App and account formation.
  • Launch Settings’
  • Put the Referral code
  • Add bank account
  • Initiate a transaction of at least $5 to get a reward

Let’s now explore each one to have mitigated all the doubts with the same.

  1. Installing or Downloading app

From the Google Play or Apple Store, download the cash app and continue reading to know the account formation method.

  • Once downloaded, open the app and enter the mobile number and email address.
  • You will receive a secret code on the number and email too. Enter it in the given space.
  • Mention the ZIP code.
  • Ensure the $Cashtag with which you will be identified on the app.
  1. Launch Settings

After giving your basic contact details, you will come inside your account. Then after, you need to choose the setting option from your app. Then follow the steps:

  • Pick the Profile icon from the top.
  • Click the photo
  • You will find all the settings here. Move the downside to find Enter Referral Code
  1. Put/Enter the Referral code

The referral code that you received from your friend, or family members now needs to be put here in the referral code section. Now, make sure that the referral code works only for the newly-created account not for previously made accounts.

Also, a code will give you benefit only at once. Using the same Referral code will not be a matter of profit but rather a waste of time.

  1. Add bank account

Within 14 days of receiving the referral code, you need to make a transaction at least of $5. To do so, a bank account is needed. Follow the steps to open a bank account easily.

  • Initially, you need to choose the bank option at the crust of the screen.
  • Select the Linked Banks
  • And tap the Link a Bank
  • A message that says Cash App uses Plaid to link bank accounts appears; click on continue.
  • Choose your bank account from the list. Or, search it by name in the search bar.
  • Now, enter bank credentials on a new screen.
  • Select the security code receiving method. Choose it and tap Continue
  • Put the code that you received and click the Submit
  1. Make Payment

Now, when you set up an account or linked bank account, it is time for sending a minimum of $5. By sending this amount, you will be eligible for the bonus. Here’s how to make payments to other cash app users.

  • First, open the cash app on the device.
  • Put the $5 in the sending section.
  • Tap the Pay option.
  • Mention the recipient’s details: Email ID, Phone Number, or $Cashtag.
  • Mention the Note for your payment (optional).
  • Enter the PIN or Touch ID to confirm the transaction.
  • Click the Pay button again.

Cash app referral code hack

Well, there is nothing like a cash pp referral code hack on the cash app. However, there are a lot of things that keep coming as you will get $90, and $100 as a bonus. But, it’s not like that as the cash app, as of now, has not mentioned the bonus amount for referring a referral code.

But at a time you cannot use the same referral code for creating multiple cash app accounts. This is because one referral is for creating one cash app account only.

Final say!

We, through this blog, talked about Cash App referral code and how to use it. A new user can receive a bonus if he uses the given referral code by family or friends. As soon as a user gets a referral code, and uses it for the signing-up process, the user must act within 14 days of sending the code. Also, a transaction of $5 at least needs to be done to qualify for the bonus.


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