why is my gmail not working on my iphone and how can i enable notification

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Why is my Gmail not working on my iPhone and how can I enable notification?

There is no end to Gmail issues. People face a new issue now and then with their Gmail accounts. Sometimes they do not get a notification about email. While other times they see a Gmail not working error on login their account. This type of issue is very frustrating when we have to send an important email. So today we will discuss some simple hacks to solve Gmail not working issues on iPhone devices.

There can be many reasons due to which users are unable to use the Gmail account.

  • The first and the most common of them all is internet connectivity. However, Users can easily get rid of this by connecting their device to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • The next comes in the list is the password issue. It is very difficult for users to remember multiple issues for every application. So, they ended up forgetting their password. If you have recently changed your password and forgot to save it then you can reset it again.
  • Apart from this, Gmail users also observe a security issue with their accounts. They basically get to know about this when their account gets hacked. Although, Gmail users can simply get rid of this problem by activating two-step authentication on their account. Moreover, you also need to remember not to share your password or login credentials with anyone. As this will directly hamper the security of a Gmail account.
  • Besides, if you have shared your password with any of your friends to send some urgent mail then make sure to change it once they are done with it.
  • Moreover, you can also verify your account with a captcha code to make your account secure. Google has provided this additional step of security to verify your identity in case you want to login to your account on a new device. The server automatically saves the device into the server memory once you log in to your account on a device with the help of a captcha code. Later, you will never face any issue while logging your Gmail account on that device.

The above-provided steps are sufficient to deal with Gmail not working on iPhone issue. In case you need more assistance then you are free to take help from the Google support team.

Why are my Gmail notifications not working?

It is important to receive notification for an important email to take instant action on that email. But sometimes people face Gmail notification not working issues on their devices.

  • This issue can be easily fixed by disabling the battery optimization mode on any device. Battery optimization disables the google server to show any notification on screen to protect the battery from drainage.
  • Apart from this, another reason for the notification not receiving issue is data saver mode. As we all know, Gmail requires an internet connection to receive and send emails. But sometimes people enable data saving mode when their data is going to exhaust. This data saver mode in any device will freeze all the applications that run on internet connectivity. Resulting in which, users are unable to get the notification on incoming emails. You can simply fix this issue by disabling the data saving mode. Also, connect your device to a continuous Wi-Fi connection to receive notification of every email.
  • Moreover, if you haven’t activated both of them and are still unable to get any notification from Gmail then there must be a synchronization issue behind it. You can get rid of Gmail not syncing issues by enabling the “Sync Gmail” option in the settings.

Why Is My Gmail Not Working?

There are not a fixed number of reasons for this problem but the solution, part taking the cake of the few crucial things we can Handel this problem efficiently;

Problems Related To Gmail Not Working;

Troubleshooting Methods For Gmail Not Working Issue: 

1) Internet Connection Must Be Stable:

If your mobile network is not working properly try to connect with wi-fi for a stable connection.

2) Disable Google Hangouts Chat For The Time Being:

As of now, hangouts chat are called back by google from the last months of 2021. In place of it, there is another video calling app launched by google named google duo. you can make  it restricts from using your data from your device settings

3) Wipe Out Cookies From Your Web Browser (Google Chrome):

This is the best way to refresh your event in a browser. This will make your browser run more smoothly and perform functions.

4) Consider Removing Filters

Removing all the filters will make the path of the browser work more efficiently.

5) Disable Antivirus Actively Running On Your System:

Disable antivirus running on your system as it poses hurdles in the way of Gmail works.

6) Uninstall And Reinstall Web Browser:

This will refresh the whole Gmail process as the browser will have to again connect to Gmail.                            

Is Gmail Not Working On Android Or iPhone?

Instant Fixes To Resolve Gmail Not Loading Issues

1) IMAP Gmail Is Not Working

This is mainly happening due to the bad connection, an old version of the app, wrong setting, etc. which will lead to the IMAP Gmail not working properly.

2) SMTP Gmail Is Not Responding.

This will lead to not successfully sending the mail to the desired client.

3) Search Option Of Gmail Not Responding

Check out that if you have more than the limit of content to someone. Or information is so huge that it will be stuck somewhere in between. Restart the app after closing it, it will start working normally.

4) Send Button Not Responding

Maybe you are sending a large file to some recipient. If you have a large number of messages inside a single mail with large and bulky attachments and other files the send button is stuck somewhere due to a large amount of processing. Just break down the single mail into two to three mail after canceling the first bulky one from Gmail for its smooth function.

5) Maybe Attachments Not Opening Or Working.

Sometimes an attachment even contain a virus that may corrupt the whole system which led to slow processing of the system. Or the file may be large enough or corrupted. Try to rename it in proper format like .pdf, .jpeg, .html, etc. may it will work and the file will open this time.

6) Oops! Gmail Is Not Working On Chrome

Check the network connection first,

then check username(email id) and password .

Next, you can update the browser to notice that that system will work efficiently and not lag this time.

What To Do If Gmail Is Not Working?

  • Things to do if Gmail is not working;
  • Check your internet connection and reset it.
  • Update the app
  • Check for the storage space and other things.
  • Sent a mail to your account to check whether it
  • Gmail Is Not Working On Chrome
  • Check the network connection first,
  • then check username and password.
  • Also, update the Gmail app over the browser.

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