troubleshoot google account issues with appropriate processes

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Troubleshoot Google account issues with appropriate processes

Google occupies the core space in the internet world. It has various features that have eased the life of people to a wider extent. Today everyone has become dependent on the utilization of Google features. Businesses prefer to use Google to safely exchange their documents and other confidential data among associates. Globalization has led to the expansion of businesses in different parts of the world. Therefore the use of a reliable platform like a Google account is mandatory for appropriate communication. But sometimes, Google users find that their Google not working. Such a circumstance is quite disappointing 

However, issues keep on arising at all times with Google account. The only requirement is that Google users should be careful about the functions of their accounts. Google not working?situation might appear anytime and even in the mid-stage of the working. Random issues in the workplace create lots of problems and lead to a huge loss. For this reason, Google users are suggested to explore immediate solution tips to eliminate unexpected obstruction. 

How to fix Google account glitches?

The appearance of Google issues has become a common aspect. Glitches based on technical obstructions might take place because of a countless number of reasons. 

Google problems like Google maps not working and Google assistant not working are a common occurrence. Google users need to gain knowledge about how to manage those glitches efficiently. They become disappointed because of not having an idea about the accurate troubleshooting tips. For the proper handling of the situation, Google users should move with the stated tips: 

Google users need to make sure that Google account is updated: 

  • They should open the setting menu on their Android phone or tablet,. Further, they should click Apps & notifications to see all apps.
  • Next, they need to Scroll down and hit the Google configuration option.
  • Now they should Scroll down and make click on app details.
  • Thereafter they should click on option Update or Install to fix the Google calendar not working scenario. 


Now another step is they should Clear cache & data from Google Play Services

  • In the first step, they need to access the setting option on their device. Again they need to hit options available as apps and notifications to take a review at all apps.
  • Later. They have to scroll down to access Google configuration. 
  • With the process, they should click on Storage to Clear Cache.
  • Apart from this, they should click the option Manage Space to delete all Data.
  • Now they should Open the Google store to step ahead. 
  • Thereafter, they should try to download it again.

Besides these steps, Google users should move to delete the cache from Google the Play Store. Several times Google users find that Google chrome not working. This is another embarrassing situation that Google users have to face. In that situation, they may opt to execute some of these basic steps to resolve the troublesome situation. This kind of approach will assist to provide a fresh start and may help to fix issues.

  • On their Android phone or tablet, they should reach to the Settings app.
  • Next, they will require tapping on the apps & notifications to go see all apps.
  • Thereafter, they may easily move to Scroll down and click on Google Play Store.
  • Now they will need to click on Storage to remove Cache.
  • Tap Clear data.
  • In the last step, they may opt to open the Play Store once again and make attempt to download the app once again.


Technical problems appear of different kinds with Google users. But the most important aspect is that they need to be patient in terms of executing the relevant steps to fix those. If they get panic then the situation might get worse. Several tasks lie dependent on the Google emailing platform apart from other factors. Thus to prevent the unexpected loss, taking the right initiative is necessary at all costs. 



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