outlook disconnected - 6 troubleshooting tips to fix this error

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Outlook Disconnected - 6 troubleshooting tips to fix this error

Outlook is one of the most amazing email clients in the world that easily lets millions send and receive emails with the assistance of just stunning readymade features and options. Contacts and calendars can also be managed with Outlook email service. Despite all this, at times, Outlook users face difficulty in operating and handling their accounts. When the email client shows “Outlook Disconnected”, then, the flow of work is also disrupted for sure. And this situation leaves many users with a great feeling of disappointment. If you are struggling with the same issue, then, here we are to help with this. 

What is Outlook? How does it work?

Outlook is a secure web-based information management system provided by Microsoft. Through Outlook, one can accomplish various personal and professional tasks such as sending and receiving emails, managing calendars, storing contacts and numbers, tracking tasks, etc. Outlook built by Microsoft comes with a lot of amazing and easy-to-use features through which one can handle email-related tasks with comfort and convenience. From small-size businesses to various top companies and large organizations across the world are using Outlook to manage and neatly organize their professional information. 

One can use this system for personal use as well. To get started with Outlook, you can create an account by entering all important details about yourself such as name, address, contact number, date of birth, etc. During the creation of an account on Outlook, users are free to choose their email address but they also need to make sure that their chosen email id is not already taken by anyone. After the account is created successfully, users can now access their account and start managing their information, which Outlook is meant to be used for.

But apart from all these positive things about Outlook, there is something that makes many users annoyed and puzzled. When a pop-up “Outlook Disconnected” appears on the screen, it causes trouble and dissatisfaction to many users. Therefore, many are seen in search of the best ways to reach solutions. 

What is Outlook Disconnected? Why does it happen?

When Outlook gets disconnected and you do not know what it is and why it happens, then, it simply shows that Outlook is not in working mode, and as a result of this, work is halted in the middle. If you are facing such an issue, you can not send and receive emails. It is a situation when Outlook disconnects from its mail server and is in offline mode.

How to check if Outlook is Disconnected?

  • Open the Outlook app on Windows or PC.
  • Go to the Inbox section by clicking on its icon.
  • Then, look at the bottom of your screen where you will see the text message stating “Disconnected”.

6 Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques to Fix the error

Here, we have provided some troubleshooting tips and techniques through which you can reach a solution to resolve this error.

#1. To get started with how to fix Outlook Disconnected, it had better that you restart your computers

When Outlook gets disconnected all of a sudden and you do not know what further step you should take to fix this, then, you need to stop overthinking and restart your computer instead. Restarting the PC is the first step that should be taken by any user to start coping with this situation. After the system is restarted appropriately, launch the program again and there will be no issue this time. And you can resume work on the platform.

2. Check your network connecting through the “Ping the server” command on the PC

In case, restarting the computer did not work for you and still you are noticing “Outlook 365 disconnected” on the screen, then, you should ping the server this time. Ping the server is a command in your PC used to identify technical glitches or issues related to the server or host. PING command is effective in checking network connection or internet speed. See the procedure below and learn how to ping the server to check what server issues your Outlook account is having.

  • Go to the “start” button and access “run”. You need to type cmd in the search bar to access the “Run” utility.
  • After this, the “run” command will appear on your system.
  • And now, you will have to type “ping follow by the name of Exchange Server” and hit enter.
  • Then, you will see some responses.
  • If you are shown “Requested timed out”  in the search then, it means there are some technical issues with your network connection.
  • To fix this glitch, you can contact the server team.
  • But in case, some statements including Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0″ are displayed on the screen then, it simply means there is nothing wrong with your network connectivity.

3. Ensure “Offline Mode” is not turned on in your Outlook account 

When you have turned “offline mode” on in your Outlook account then, witnessing “Outlook Disconnected” text is an obvious thing and so no need to worry about it. Just go to “Settings” and turn off “offline mode”.

See the procedure below to do so:-

  • Launch the app on your device.
  • You can click on the same message “Outlook Disconnected” then, a context menu will appear then, and there will display a check box with “offline mode”.
  • If “work offline” is ticked then, you can untick this immediately.
  • After this, your Outlook account will be active and available in “online mode”.

4. Try to access your Outlook application in a safe mode

If none of the above ways has worked for you to resolve this issue then, you can open Outlook in a safe mode. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the “Start” menu and then access the Run program.
  • In the Run dialog box, enter “outlook.exe/safe” and press enter key.
  • If this issue occurs because Add-ons are already installed on the device, then you can disable all the unnecessary and redundant add-ons.
  • Again, restart the Outlook application; this can most probably resolve the disconnected issue.
  • And now, access your Outlook account again.

5. Create a new Outlook profile 

If none of these ways has helped in fixing this error then, you can create a new profile on Outlook and start managing your email data.

6. Last but not least - Contact Outlook Technical support team

If there is still a “disconnected” message in shown your Outlook application, then, you can fix this by taking direct help from Outlook technical support team. 


Why is my Outlook showing as disconnected?

It may be because of some valid reasons such as - network issues, you must have enabled “offline mode”, a technical glitch in the server, etc. Above in the blog, you can see the troubleshooting tips to fix this issue.

How do I reconnect Outlook when it is disconnected?

You can restart your computer system and then, again launch your “Outlook” application on your device. You can also check other ways to fix this error here in this blog.

How do I Reconnect Outlook to server?

To reconnect Outlook to the server, you can uncheck the “offline mode” to make Outlook active in online mode.

The Last Note

If you are one of the users who want to resolve the “Outlook Disconnected” issue so that you can resume your work on the platform soon, you must read the given information till the end. Here in this blog, we have shared the possible valid reasons why Outlook shows the disconnected issue and how you can resolve it without struggling.


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