how to transfer money from google pay to cash app account: easy process

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How To Transfer Money From Google Pay To Cash App Account: Easy Process

Don’t know how to transfer Money From Google Pay To Cash App Account? Stuck in the process of transferring money to your cash app account? Well, these queries are common issues, especially for new users. This money transfer process only requires a few quick steps. 

Both Google Pay and the cash app are trusted online money transaction platforms that enable users to send or receive instant money. Many users make use of both these payment options.  

Can I send money directly from my Google pay to the cash app? Users of both accounts always want to get the answer to this query. Let’s scroll down to know more: 

Money sent From Google Pay To Cash App Account 

If you are thinking of making instant payment from Google pay to the cash app then you are wrong here. There is no direct method of doing so as Google pay and cash app. However, users don’t need to be stressed out as users can send the money from Cash App to Google Pay via an indirect transfer method. 

In the indirect method, users first need to transfer money from the Cash App to their linked bank account. Then, you will have to send money to google pay from your bank account. 

Scroll down to know the steps for sending money to the cash app from Google pay: 

  • Sign in to the Cash App account 

  • Look for the “$” icon to tap on it 

  • Click on the “Cash Out” option. 

  • In the next step, enter the amount that you want to transfer to the bank account from the cash app. 

  • Prefer any of the options from Instant or Standard. 

  • Make sure to complete the process by entering your PIN. 

  • By clicking on the Next Button, the money will get credited to your linked Bank account from the Cash App 

Once the money is sent to the bank account, perform all these below-mentioned steps: 

  • The next step is to open your Google Pay on your device. 

  • Navigate to the menu tab  

  • Choose a payment  

  • Users can also select a debit card or bank account to add a balance to their wallet. 

  • After this, the “Add Money” option. 

  • In this way, your money will be added to your Google Pay wallet. 

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Method To add Cash Card to Google Pay from Cash app: 

By adding the cash app and Google pay, you can simplify the transaction process. If you want to link both these platforms then make sure to follow these steps: 

  • First, click on the Cash Card tab on your Cash App home screen 

  • Here, make tap on the image of your Cash Card 

  • Here, tap on ‘Add to Google Pay’ and proceed 

Method To add your Cash Card to Google Pay 

There are times when a user who is new to the cash app doesn’t know about putting money into their cash app card or linking cash cards to other online platforms such as Google pay. For this, they should try these listed ways: 

  • First of all, open Google Pay on your mobile device 

  • In the next step, tap + “Payment” Method 

  • Follow the on-screen steps to complete the process and add a cash card to your Google pay. 

How to put money into your cash app account or cash card? 

Step 1: Open the cash app icon. For this, click on the “Money” tab on your Cash App home screen. 

Step 2: Look for the option of “Add Cash” to click on it.  

Step 3: Here, choose an amount that you want to add as a balance in the cash app account. Tap Add 

Step 4: Once you have completed all these steps, make sure to use your Touch ID to finish the step of adding cash to the cash app balance. You can also enter your PIN to confirm the process. 


Does the cash App accept Google Pay? 

Yes, the cash app accepts Google pay but you cannot make any direct transactions. To use both online platforms, you need to first add Google pay to your cash app card.   

How long does it take to transfer money from Google Pay to the Cash App? 

Money transfer from Google Pay to the cash App might take around 24 hours. Once you send money, the banks related to cash app will process the transaction. So, this might require a day or 2. 

Can I use Google Pay to add money to my cash APP card? 

Yes, one can use Google Pay for adding money to the cash APP card. This process requires only a few steps.  

Can Google Pay send money to other apps? 

Google Pay is compatible with many other apps for making quick money transactions. 

How can I add Cash Card to Google Pay from the Cash App? 

For this, the user needs to click on the Cash Card tab that is available on the Cash App home screen. After this, you are needed to tap on the image of your Cash Card. To complete the process, make sure to select “Add to Google Pay”. Follow the instructions.  

Can I send money directly to the cash app account from Google pay? 

Unfortunately, this direct money transfer between these two online platforms is not possible. You will have to follow an indirect way of transferring money from the cash app account to the linked bank and then from the bank to the Google pay account. 


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