how do you find your facebook contacts by phone number 2023 

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How Do You Find Your Facebook Contacts by Phone Number 2023? 

Have you ever tried to find Facebook Contacts by phone number? You know it can be challenging

With billions of users on Facebook, this is a rare opportunity when it comes to finding someone on Facebook anonymously.

The question arose, is the Facebook search box helping you?

Finding someone on Facebook can be a daunting task if you search by perhaps a common name you can get thousands of results and it will take hours to find.

However, if you have his phone number it will be easier to identify his name. Just spend a few minutes.

Let's read this informative article so that you know how you can easily find your Facebook contacts using your phone number.

Find Your Facebook Contacts By Phone Number

In addition, making and connecting with new friends on Facebook, it allows users to add their friends to their contact list where they can chat, are able to make voice calls and video calls.

If curious about how it works? Synchronize your phone number with your FB account

Whoever you find, their phone number should be added to their account. If it doesn't, contact them to add the process below.

    • Simple login with Facebook applications on your device
    • Follow three dashes that are available on the top right corner


    • After that, you have to click on the friend’s option from the appearing list.


    • Reach below and find an “Upload Contacts” option. Hit the option and tap on the “Get Started” tab.


    • This procedure will allow you to synchronize your phone contact. It will help you whenever you save a new contact in your phonebook and then it updated on Facebook when you open the application.


These are the genuine procedure that you can opt for. In case, have any difficulties while following this procedure then feel free to connect with the official customer team to get more assistance.

Well, if you are struggling to find your contacts by phone number

Can you find Facebook friends by phone number?

Practically, you can find your Facebook friends by phone number. When you enter their phone number into the Facebook search box, their profile will be visible to you if they used that number when they created the account. However, you may have to struggle sometimes if they hide or block your number from Facebook. In this case, you cannot find friends' profiles using phone numbers and you need to choose some other way like email address etc.

What is the best way to Find Using a Contact Number?

Reach the menu page and choose contacts to find your Facebook friends by phone number. After that, choose the “Find Friend” option and input your friend’s number in digits.

On the next screen, a list of your friends will be appearing on which you have to identify your friend.

Additionally, by accessing Facebook apps, you can find using the exact name, phone number, and with user name as well.

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What, if you are using web Browsers?

In this situation, certain steps will help you to discover as presented below-

  • Launch in your web browser.
  • Log in with a Facebook account & create an account (if a new user)
  • From the upper left side, follow the search bar.
  • Input your phone number in the search box.
  • Lastly, wait for the outcomes of your search.

How do I find someone on Facebook by phone number 2023?

Well, it is the time when you come to know the whole procedure to find someone on Facebook by using a phone number. Let’s see how well you will follow these steps to identify the user IDs of your friends on Facebook.

How do I find someone on Facebook with just a phone Number?

Finding someone can be easy when you find that person has to sync their phone number with their FB account. To recognize this, you can follow some steps which will help you to know the real fact, and accordingly, you can act on them.

#1 Access your Facebook and log in to your account using your account number and password

#2 After successful login goes to the Facebook search box to enter the phone number you want to find

#3 Then, the result will appear on your screen, if he used his phone number while creating his account then you will be able to get his Facebook ID but if you didn't use his phone number then you will not be able to find it.

How to Find Facebook ID Using Mobile Number

As we have seen above, if anyone has a mobile number then it could be easy to find their Facebook address. On the other hand, now we go through to find their Facebook ID or Username using a mobile number.

As the above procedure showed us that we could find their account easily. Now, when you will find that account then hit on their name which will take you to their profile.

An appeared profile will help you to show your ID and Username which will show in the URLs section in your browser at the top of the page. If introduced with it an example then it will be like  ‘ name/’

This username will be their ID on Facebook that you can find any time when you will input the “” user name. this will help you out when you do not have his phone number and you want to find their Facebook profile.


We are hoping that you got the idea of How to find your Facebook contacts by phone number from this blog. If obstacles are experienced in finding the answer, they can be resolved by reading the information from here. Reading more such informative articles, stay tuned with us to grab more informative content.


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